Remedies Forperiod Cramps – Stay Free From The Uneasiness


Periods are one of the most irritating times of a month for the women and the irritation and uneasiness during the periods cannot be explained. The uneasiness during the periods is what makes the women feel like doing nothing and just to relax and sleep. So, making our days productive while overcoming all these uneasy issues and health problems related to periods is what every woman strive to do. In our earlier article, you must have gone through the various period hacks, as we thought the period cramps as one of the major issues, here we are with some of the home remedies that you can try to get rid of the cramps.

Remedies For Period Cramps

Have Healthy Diet

Remedies For Period Cramps

Reducing the fat content in your diet can actually help you in staying away from the discomfort of period cramps. Studies have revealed that an increase of healthy foods and vegetables in your diet can be helpful in reducing your cramps. A low fat and vegetarian diet not only helps you with this problem but also helps your health overall.

Take Multi-Vitamins

Remedies For Period Cramps

Remembering to take tablets on time can be a difficult thing to do, but it is very important and the period days can increase your number of tablets, you should even consider to take some multivitamin tablets which help you stay energetic. Include a few magnesium and B vitamins in your tablets intake daily. These vitamins will not only help you with this temporary problem but also help in with your overall health.

Curl Up With A Heating Pad

Remedies For Period Cramps

Curling up on the be lazily is one the best things that most of the women want to do during their periods and if it is a winter season, then curling up is more often, then curling up on the bed is the only favourite option. So, just get a heating belt from the market either ban online or offline market and fix it around your stomach, then curl on the bed with your favorite book. You will feel some relief. Or you can also grab a hot water bag and it will also give you better results.

Exercise A Bit

Remedies For Period Cramps

However discomfort and uneasy you may feel during the periods, you must do a few warm-up exercises for the sake of your health. Just shake your hands and legs to solve your period cramps problem. And one thing you should remember is don’t ever do heavy exercises, just do some simple and low impact physical activities.

Grab Some Herbal Tea

Remedies For Period Cramps

It is known that green tea is great remedy for many of our health problems, but many few know about the benefits of the herbal tea, herbal tea is even good for your period health issues. So, grab a cup of some herbal tea and you would be feeling the difference.

Thus try these simple remedies and get out of the period discomfort.