Remember These Class Room Games We Used To Play When Our Teachers Weren’t Around..!!

Back in the day, when smartphones didn’t exist and when Facebook was still to stomp all over our existence,, there was a sweet little time period where we would basically invent game to while the time away. Our minds were highly creative back then, and highly accommodating as more often than not all we had in our hands were paper, pens and books to cook up something fun and entertaining. And so we did. Now in hindsight some of these games were so silly that you can’t help but be embarrassed of them, but then that’s life right. And some of the list below were pure genius and are toughest to beat even today ( go ahead try them out and well who knows you might actually love your Mondays..!!). Presenting to you, with great nostalgic feels all over, games that defined our school days…

Box The Dots

The concept is pretty simple. The total number of dots are to be connected with lines and made to boxes with each box achieved by a player assigned his insignia. Easier to pay that than to explain it.

Box the Dots

Chits ( Chor – Police ) 

I doubt any Indian school going kid would not know it. I mean come on, there was a time in the 90’s where chits was supposed to be the unofficial game of the nation. A bit exaggerated yeah? I know but still.

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi

Book Cricket 

Before IPL defined our cricketing existence, before T20 became the norm of the day and before EA Cricket 2007 arrived at the party, this was our go to championship. Concept was to  turn to a page randomly and the last digit becomes the score achieved per ball. If the page number ended with a zero, the player was out. Simple and fun for hours.


Seven Stones :

Called many names across different regions of the country, this outdoor game has it’s own cult following. A stack of seven tones are felled by a ball from team striking first. The game starts there as the team tries to rebuild the stack without getting hit by the ball from the other team.

Pitthoo Gram


We South Indians have practically lived on this game. It involves a player to hop squares and get to a total score targeted by the opposing game. Again one of those games which you’ve got to play to actually understand. Manuals or Guides won’t help. 

Hide And Seek 

Before some random Korean filmmaker decided to scare the hell outta people with this, Hide N Seek was a pretty involving game which required players to ( as self explanatory as it gets ) Hide and one selected was asked to seek them out.

Chupan Chupaai

Pen Carroms 

There’s no purpose of this game. No rules ( none that I remember ). It’s like Michael Bay made it when he was bored of Transformers. The concept is to beat the pen that tries to beat you. Everything is decided on trail by combat here.


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