Fabulous movies of Sobhan Babu


11 movies the legendary actor, Sobhan Babu is the most famous for.

Sobhan Babu is one actor who was really famous and loved for the family oriented movies he brings to the audience. He ruled the industry for a long period of time and it has now been 9 years sicne this legendary actor passed away. Here are some films he is always remembered for.
SoggaduSobhan Babu
GorintakuSobhan Babu
Manushulu MaaraliSobhan Babu
Manchi ManushuluSobhan Babu
Poola RangaduSobhan Babu
Sri Krishna PandaveeyamSobhan Babu
Lava KusaSobhan Babu
Jeevana TarangaluSobhan Babu
Andaru DongaleSobhan Babu
NartanasalaSobhan Babu
Ganga MangaSobhan Babu