Natural Ways For Removing Mehndi From Your Hands

Applying Mehendi at every occasion has become a fad today. Be it a marriage, teez, karva Chauth, or any other occasion, everyone loves to get pretty ‘henna’ designs on their hands and feet. Once applied on your hands or feet, it takes nearly two weeks to completely fade away. But sometimes it may take even more time depending on the quality of the mehndi. If you are stuck with one such a kind of situation where your mehndi design is not getting out of your hands, but you really wish to remove it, then here are some simple, quick ways you can try. So, here we present you to some of the really easy, quick ways to remove mehndi. So, learn how to remove mehndi.

Warm Water

If you don’t wish to harm your skin with any kind of lotions, chemicals and other ingredients, then this one solution is the perfect one for you for sure. All you need to do is just simply dip your hands in warm water for some time, then take them off and rub the mehndi. Then dip your hands again for some more time and try rubbing off the mehndi, do this step for a few times until your mehndi fade.

Natural Ways For Removing Mehndi

Lemon Juice

Stop being obliged about how to remove mehndi colour from hands instantly at home. The very simple and easily available ingredient lemon can also help you regarding this task of removing mehndi. All you need to do is just squeeze lemon juice from lemons and apply the juice on your hands over the mehndi design. This helps you in removing mehndi design from your hands, feet. Don’t miss trying this very simple process if you ever wish to get rid of the mehndi from your hands.

Natural Ways For Removing Mehndi

Salt Water

This is another simple and easy solution for all those people who are looking for various ways about how to remove black henna from the skin. Saltwater can actually be a great remedy in getting mehndi designs from your hands and feet. All you need is just some amount of saltwater. Dip your hands in the saltwater for about 20 minutes. The salt helps in diffusing the henna ink into the water. You need to repeat this step a few more times to completely remove the mehndi from your hands.

Natural Ways For Removing Mehndi


Toothpaste is another really useful ingredient for removing the mehndi design from your hands or feet. Just simply apply toothpaste over the mehndi design and let it dry for some time, then rinse it off using water. You can observe your mehndi design fade away.

Natural Ways For Removing Mehndi

Soap Wash

This is probably one of the steps that many might be knowing and have been implementing for many years but we still wanted to include it in the list. All you need to do is just wash your hands with soap preferably antibacterial soap as it exfoliates the skin very well and thus helps in fading away from your mehndi design. So, the next time someone asks you how to remove mehndi, advise them this simple and easy to try step.

Natural Ways For Removing Mehndi

Applying mehndi is one of the favourite things for girls to do. So, we hope these simple, quick and easy to try natural ways to remove mehndi helped you and you find them useful.

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