RGV advices Star-Sons to Learn From Raj Tarun

RGV,Raj Tarun

RGV is known for ranting about anyone and everyone on Twitter. He doesn’t care if you like his tweets or not, he is going to give it on your face. And if he compliments someone, we know he is never going to do it smooth. Varma, who seems to stay miles away from things related to romance, recently, had all praises for the latest sensation Kumari 21F.

After the ugly episode of Raj Tarun calling RGV ‘Appa Rao’, which also looked quite fake as a publicity stunt, RGV showered his praises for Raj Tarun, this time for his performance in the movie Kumari 21F. But, he didn’t leave him alone. To add some spice to his compliments, he picked the star sons. He advised them to take lessons from Raj Tarun in taking cinema forward without assuming the audience to be idiots. Actually quite a good suggestion!!

Raj Tarun, good luck bro!




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