RGV Warns Openly Ahead Of His Arrival In Vijayawada! You Better Don’t Mess With Him!!


RGV has announced his last movie in Telugu will be Vangaveeti, a movie based on rowdism that existed in Vijayawada during the 1980s. It involves some big guns from the Vijayawada constituency. From Vangaveeti Ranga, Devineni Nehru to NT Rama Rao, all have a major role in this movie. RGV known for his bold and gutsy statements attracted curiosity this time with his ‘warning’ on twitter.

It was usual night when Ramu gets active on twitter like every time. But, this time he was spitting fire (or maybe not). He threw an open challenge to the ‘rowdies’ who warned him against making a movie on Vangaveeti.

Now, we don’t know whether those warnings he received were that serious or not, (you never know!) but, it was interesting reading his tweets where he was boasting about his stamina as rowdy from the same place. Ramu might have diluted his charm in making movies, but he has every time got better in creating controversies. Be it good or bad, you hate him or not. He doesn’t give a flying fu*k!

Let’s watch what more will happen in the process of making his beloved last movie, Vangaveeti. This might become someone else’s story!! 😉

Here are those tweets to see for yourself. He also gave away his details provoking them for a face-off!

Damn!! He even gave his details!!

…And continued the warning!

Ika kaasukondi mari..

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