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Presenting You The List Of Top 8 Richest Tollywood Heroes & Their Net Worth


Movies dwara vachce income kakunda brands, properties, commercial business, production houses dwara mana Tollywood heroes chalane earn chestunaru. Indulo kondaru movies dwara remuneration kakunda variki unna production houses, studios assets, and business dwara chala earn chestunaru.

Assala mana Tollywood lo chala rich evvaru ? ekkuva assets, properties, and net worth unna hero evaru anedi teliyali ante ee list chudalsindhe.

8.Mahesh Babu – Net Worth Rs 150 Crores

1 Richest Tollywood HeroesWith 30+ advertising brands, AMB Cinemas, Movies and Production House Named GMB his net worth is 150 Crores.

7.Prabhas – Net Worth Rs 200 Crores

2 Richest Tollywood HeroesAfter thumping hike in remuneration and PAN India following the got huge money for Baahubali & Saaho movies. Now his net worth is somewhere close to Rs 200 Crores.

6.Allu Arjun – Net Worth Rs 350 Crores

3 Richest Tollywood HeroesWith assets and properties from his father Allu Aravind, Our Bunny net worth sis around 350 Crores.

5.Nandamuri Blakrishna – Net Worth Rs 800 Crores

4 Richest Tollywood HeroesWith huge assets, property values and others Balayya’s net worth is Rs 800 crores.

4.Jr NTR – Net Worth Rs 1000 Crores

5 Richest Tollywood HeroesTarak has assets, properties under his name and his net worth is Rs 1000 Crores.

3.Chiranjeevi – Net Worth Rs 1500 Crores

6 Richest Tollywood HeroesMegastar of TFI has huge assets, properties, and other businesses and his net worth is Rs 1500 Crores.

2.Ram Charan – Net Worth Rs 2800 Crores

7 Richest Tollywood HeroesWith movies, production house named Konidela Productions, Trujet alight business and other business holdings Ram Charan is second richest in TFI with net worth of Rs 2800 crores.

1.Akkinei Nagarjuna – Net Worth Rs 3000 Crores

8 Richest Tollywood HeroesWith a whopping Rs 3000 Crores of Net Worth our Nagarajuna is first and richest in TFI with movies, Annapurna Studios, Televentures, and other business.