Sometimes The Risk Factor Is A Bit High In Telugu Cinema


Risk Factor is not what you thought. It is one personality finding the person or an object at risk. Study says that people in the age group of 18-32 tend to have high pressure but, this doesn’t apply to our celebrities. Imagine Srinu Vaitla’s film without Brahmi? Can we? Maybe we cannot. So, if he isn’t there, then it’s a risk factor.

An act of one celebrity is the cost of another celebrity is the risk factor we are talking about here. So, why don’t you have a look at some of those risks 😉

Rajashekhar – Sai Kumar is at risk1 - Sai Kumar
VV Vinayak – Sumos are at risk2 - V V Vinayak

Srinu Vaitla – Brahmi is at risk3 - BramhiRGV – Media is at risk4 - media

Manchu Lakshmi – Audience at risk5 -0 ManchuMeher Ramesh — Producer at risk6- meherK Raghavendra Rao – Fruits are at risk7 - Raghavander aro