“Salim Ali – Birdman Of India” : The Real Inspiration For Akshay Kumar’s Role In 2.0

2 point 0, south north ani theda lekunda movie lovers antha eager ga wait chesina ee magnum opus theatres lo release aindi. FDFS show ala complete aindo ledo movie is epic extravaganza, mind blowing visuals, visual wonder antu positive buzz vachesindi. With this positive buzz chitti is going to set Indian cinema pride and records to the whole next level anedi crystal clear.

Bird Man Of India

Movie lo main characters Robot Chitti and Crowman Akshay, before he turns himself into fifth force as a holy crowman Akshay is ornithologist one who fight for birds and their existence. Ippudu ee role ki real life inspiration ‘BirdMan of India’ Salim Ali antu social media lo posts viral avtunnayi.

Evaru ee ‘Salim Ali’ asala em chesadu ?

Bird Man Of India

Salim Ali born in Mumbai, he is the youngest and ninth child after eight siblings. One year age lo undaga father chanipoyadu three years lo mother chanipoindi. Tana siblings tho kalisi perigina Salim ni uncle ‘Abbas Tyabji’ (a well known freedom fighter) tana tho patu animal hunting and shooting ki tiskellevaru.

Salim was introduced to W.S. Millard who’s a famous British naturalist

Bird Man Of India

Ala nature, birds, shooting mida interest penchukuna Salim ni Uncle Abbas international fame unna naturalist W.S. Millard who is also the secretary of the ‘Bombay Natural History Society’(BNHS) at that time ki introduce chesaru. This incident has changed everything, he became a great bird watcher, collection of stuffed birds, skinning birds and preserving rare birds with uttermost interest.

Zoological Survey of India, rejected him as a Ornithologist

Bird Man Of India

Ali wants to join as a Ornithologist with Zoological Survey of India, even he applied for that post. But formal university degree lenandu valla atani reject chesaru. Laleter in 1926 he was appointed as Guide lecturer in the ‘Prince of Wales Museum’ in Mumbai for the salary of Rs 350/month.

350 per month salary to ‘BirdMan of India’ his journey is inspiration

Bird Man Of India

In 1930, Ali is eliminated as guide lecturer due to lack of funds. So he wants to do independent job as a Ornithologist. Then he started research on ecology of birds, like habits, habitat, food and the breeding of birds etc. He became a finest and famous bird watcher in a short time and started writing books on birds. Ali rasina books lo ‘Book of Indian Birds’, “Birds of Kerala” and his autobiography “The Fall of the Sparrow” lanti contributions left as major contributions towards Ornithology.

Ali’s research came into light so late and he’s honoured with civilian awards.

Bird Man Of India

Ali ki birds mida unna love, passion tho atanu chesina research bayata prapanchaniki teliyadaniki chala time pattindi. Later his research and contributions were acknowledged Salim honoured with India’s most civilian awards with the Padma Bhushan (1958), the Padma Vibhushan (1976).

Bird Man Of India

To follow his passion and love for birds, he travelled a lot across the India and covered all corners of the world. Ali’s thirst for birds was never satisfied him. Now his contributions became lessons and guide to bird researchers and students across the world.

This is why Salim Ali referred and known as ‘Bird Man of India’ and inspiration to director Shankar to make film like 2.0 based on birds existence and world is not only for a humans concept.

1. Indian ornithologist

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