These Moments Are Proof That Samantha And Chaitanya Are Made For Each Other


Samantha and Akkineni Naga Chaitanya mana Tollywood loni one of the most beautiful couples. Ever since the duo got engaged officially, we are in awe of the way they both love each other. Check out these 10 moments, which prove that the duo is Made For Each Other.

#When the Sam shares the workout videos of the duo. Aren’t they giving some serious couple workout goals?1nag_sam

“After much forcing and some begging I am allowed to post ? #161kgs #fridaylifts #hottie? @strat_fit @danieldmckee”

#When Chay calls Sam officially as Mrs on Twitter with a post, “The 2nd shift . BIC track day . Picture courtesy the mrs”

#Who will forget the way, how Chay made Sam’s birthday memorable.3nag_sam“Thankyou for making my birthday so perfect #chaylove #bestbirthday #birthdaymemories”

Dear Future Boyfriend, are you listening?

#It is difficult to filter the images from Samantha’s Instagram. Look at this picture and the caption especially, “Everyday,you save me #holdonforever”4nag_sam

Sam keep on proving that she is just like us.

#When Chay prepares breakfast for Sam before going to work. Remember Sam post, “samantharuthprabhuoffl He makes me breakfast before he goes to work . *kneelsdown *thanksthelord followed by a #iamthequeenoftheworld moment #postsoninsta”


#Look at the way Chay looking at Samantha when she is holding a puppy. Isn’t it adorable?6nag_sam

#You are lucky Chay. Look at the way she loves Chay and this tweet though “What’s in a day.. more like all day, everyday ❤️ #loveofmylife”7nag_sam

#Her beautiful engagement saree, in which she carved her love story is unforgettable.8nag_sam

#In a recent TV show, when Chay told her Yem Maya Chesave dialogue through phone on live, as requested by the interviewer, she says I love You.9nag_sam

#Sam’s YMC tattoo on her back is proof that how much she loves Chaitanya.10nag_sam

#Finally Naga Chaitanya tied knots to begin their love life together, hope their relationship lasts forever.1