Samantha Broke Into Tears: Samantha Became Emotional About Her Health Condition – Watch Video

Samantha, Chala rojula taruvatha Yashoda movie promotions kosam media munduku vacchindi. Naga Chaitanya tho divorce aina taruvatha konchem bad phase lo unna Sam aa couple of movies & workouts chesthu busy ga undindi. And last one month nundi social media lo active lga leni Sam okasari ga tana Social media accounts lo pettina post fans ni shock ayyela chesindi.

Recently, Samantha took to her social media accounts and announced that Samantha is suffering with Myosotis disease, an auto-immune disorder. Pics and news of Samantha suffering with Myosotis disease went viral and fans, well wishers of Sam wished her to get well soon.

And recently Samantha came in front of the media to promote her upcoming film Yashoda in theaters. Suma tho jarigina oka interview lo Yashoda movie gurinchi matladuthu tana Myosotis disease gurinchi chepthu she broke into tears. I suffered a lot with medication and suffered a lot antu tana health condition gurinchi chepthu Samantha emotional aipoindi.

Samantha emotional video is now going viral and many fans and other well wishers are feeling sad for Samantha. Here’s the video of

Samantha Became Emotional About Her Health Condition

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