Samsung’s Galaxy X Foldable Phone is not Rumour, Next Gen Smartphone Certified


Samsung a South Korean largest Electronic maker and ee Year manam chuste Galaxy 8/8Plus and Galaxy Note 8 ne Samsung group release chesindi already ee phones chala hype vachindi with an unbelievable features like Infinity display, IRIS Scanner, Face Unlocking, Spen for Note with lot of Drawing and ‘make a Note’ features from Samsung.1 Samsungs new Foldable Galaxy X is Real and got Certified

Now it’s time for a Game changer in Mobile Market, The Foldable Galaxy phone right on the way, last few days nunchi chala Rumours vastunnai Samsung is making a Foldable Smartphone ani but those rumours are going to be real and okarakam ga cheppalante alsu
Mobile ne fold ela cheyyochu, Screen ela fold avtundi and chipset and mother board ivanni ela fold avtai, batter ela fold avtundi ani eppatiki picha picha doubts vastuntai inka chala Questions untai manaki, elanti anni Questions mee Comments tho base cheskoni Separate
ga new Article publish chestam Coming to the story, Galaxy X already Wifi Alliance and Bluetooth Alliance Certification Pass ayyindi recent and yesterday malli National Radio Reaseach Agency NRRA lo Radio Networks Certification ki file chesi Certified ani Mark kuda echaranta and NRRA unvieled Model no SM-G888N0 for Samsung Galaxy X the Foldable Smart phone2 Samsungs new Foldable Galaxy X is Real and got Certified

Specs we can expect as Bluetooth 5.0 and come with 7.0 Naugat and upgradable to Android Oreo and Galaxy X will come in two variants like Galaxy X/X1.

Samsungs Flagship devices because the future of Smartphones ekkadinunche start avtundi, aslu foldable smartphone enti nenu inka shock lone unnam, mee andariki ela undi kaani naaku aythe interior Chipset, Battery, Mother board ela fold ayyela Design chestari ani chala confusing ga undi and Soon i will be back with the Specs inside the Galaxy X The Game Changer on the way, ee Phone Korea lo first release avtundi and chala takkuva manufacture chestunnaru anattu chala takkuva only 10,000 Units which will be released in early 2018 everyone can able to buy and access the this Galaxy X

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