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Saraswati Ammavaru ela puttaaru?


Saraswati Devi ante chaalu, we pray for wisdom, health, peace and music. Saraswati ae peru rondu vibhagaluga ardham cheskovochu. Saras = flow, wati = she who has.. hence Saraswati Devi is the one who has flow. Just like a river, she has knowledge and wisdom flowing like a never ending river. Mana chuse saraswati devi ki 4 hands untay and she is adorned with a white saree and a veena in her hands. Thana 4 arms anaga mind, ego, alertness and intellect. These 4 arms also represent the 4 vedas.Brahma devudu lokamni srushtinchina ventane when he looked at it, he felt it being incomplete. Ee lokam lo knowledge ni add chesdham ani ankunnaru. And hence Saraswati Devi janmincharu. Brahma and Saraswati kalisi ee lokam ni marintha andamga tayaaru chesaru. With her help, he started looking at the world with positivity and wisdom and hence found beauty everywhere. She also helped him discover melodies or chants and ragas. Ee santhosham lo, brahma devudu Saraswati Devi ki Vagdevi ane peru iccharu. Vagdevi stands for Goddess of Speech and Sound.

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