“Sarbjit” Shines With Gripping Portrayal And Hard Hitting Performances..!!!

By Anusha Reddy 
Director: Omung Kumar
Actors: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadha, Darshan Kumar
Stars: 4/5

A movie triumphed with gripping real life circumstances and mesmerizing performances. The films begins with Sarbjit Singh, in 1990, crossing over a fenceless border from Punjab into Pakistan, in an inebriated state. After being arrested for trespassing into Pakistan, he is tortured for wrongly being identified as a terrorist, Ranjit Singh. The movie is a heart wrenching tale of a family’s suffering to get their beloved released.

The story is a tragedy in itself to evoke a flood of tears. Director Omung Kumar has managed to create the necessary connect for an emotional ride. The movie moves at a slow pace, placing too much emphasis on the Indo- Pak relations. The movie has a certain dialogues like ‘khauf ki badboo’ are a tad too unrealistic to be used. Darshan Kumar burning his own effigy and adding up to the violence being created is practically not viable.
The movie is brought alive by some enchanting performances by Randeep and Aishwarya. The plot majorly revolves around Dalbir’s (Aishwarya) fight to free her brother. The movie should have directed much more attention on Sarbjit’s condition which was effectively played by Randeep. His dedication and study of the character is shown on screen. Aishwarya manages to set a particular gusto to the character but fails to come out as a Sikhni.
The family also plays its roles to the mark, but Omung Kumar does not mobilise his resources. The film’s main centre of focus remains on Aishwarya. Richa Chadha, playing Sarbjit’s wife, Sukh, shines in a scene between her and Dalbir. Without raising her tone, she very smoothly finishes her scene.

Darshan Kumar plays a Pakistani lawyer, Avais Sheikh, who fearlessly takes up Sarbjit’s case. He is Bollywood’s new found versatile actor. After playing a supporting husband in Mary Kom, and an Evil guy in NH10, this role further introduces his acting prowess.
The movie certainly gives an inclination of the pain that the family had been through for as long as 23 years. There are moments of angst, disgust and sadness. Two dialogues that give you the patriotic feel are Aishwarya’s dialogue on Hindustan and Randeep’s identity dialogue.
The movie is a must watch, for a movie, the effort and story that deserves and needs to be watched. A box of tissues is a must though.



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