Sardar Gabbar Singh Greets Sankranthi Wishes In His Lungi : Bring It On!

‘Okosari raavadam late ayundochu, but ravadam matram pukka’

This is not just a one line from his latest film, it’s his statement! Every time PK comes up with a movie, it is a sensation. There is some excitement in everyone around his latest updates and movies. He has surpassed the level of GOD for his fans. While on one side, the Sankranthi movies are doing the rounds on social media, PK releasing his teaser on Sankranthi is just to add on to this buzz.

It might be just a walk, but Sardar Gabbar Singh is back! He looks to repeat the sensation he created with Gabbar Singh. Back in 2013, a similar walk through the fog created sensation on YouTube.

Bagundha?? Bagaledha? anedhi question kaadikada. Inkevaraina ala vache satha undhaaaa ani.. Okavela vachina, chusinappudu chethulu medha aa goosebumps vasthaiya???

So, chuseiyandi abbailu…

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