Savour Delicious Dosas At This Popular Midnight Dosabandi In Nampally!

The city of Hyderabad is famous for its food and the fusion of several cuisines. While there is a major influence of the Arab and Persian cuisines, the city still goes crazy for the South Indian food!

If Charminar is the city’s favorite for sight-seeing, then Ram ki Bandi is equally popular for late-night dosas. Started back in 1989, the place has been serving epic dosas with great taste and quality. Located in Ghansi Bazaar opposite Karachi Bakery, the bandi opens at 3 am in the morning and closes by 8 am.

What makes Ram ki Bandi so special?

Admit it most of the Hyderabadis have skipped their sleep to eat Dosas at this bandi. Gooey, filled with cheese, delicious chutneys and crunchy dosas, the place attracts several youngsters. It is so famous that it is always hustling and bustling with crowd even at 3 am in the morning. The Pizza dosa, Schezwan dosa, Paneer dosa are their superstars followed by the Butter idlys.

Ram Kumar Shinde, the owner of Ram ki Bandi in a recent interview with Wirally Food, says how it was his friends’ idea to start a late-night dosa bandi and how he quit his MBA career to make Ram ki Bandi, the sensation that it is today. Watch the video, to get an insight to this famous outlet in Hyderabad.


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