Schools In Telangana To Start ‘Happiness Classes’ To Avoid Academic Stress In Students

Telangana lo unna schools lo ippati nundi additional ga inko subject avtundi. Ante daily six subjects kadu additional ga inko subject add avtundi anamata. Aithe idi regular subjects la kadu students academic stress ni tagginche subject.

Telangana Schools

Yes, soon Telangana schools going to start ‘Happiness Classes’ to every standard and in every government school. Eppudu chaduvu, chaduvu ani stress feel avuthu suicide attempts chesukuntunna incidents chala chustunnam ee madhya. Vitiki fullstop pettadaniki Telangana Government and Education Board ki vacchina thought eh ee ‘Happiness Classes’.

Telangana Schools

Ee ‘Happiness Classes’ dwara happy environment lo students ki story telling, exchange of ideas, group discussions on different subjects, indoor games, exercises lantivi 45 minutes class everyday untundhi.

Telangana Schools

Ee new curriculum ni Telangana wide unna 29,000 government schools lo start chestunnaru. So, that ee schools lo unna approximate 29 Lakh students ki academic stress nundi relief dorkadame kadu different things ni explore chese chance untundi.

Telangana Schools

Now this initiate by government is winning hearts and welcoming by all. Anthe kadu students ki eppudu chaduvu ani rubbakunda ilantivi chesthe konchem vallaki kuda mental stress taggi, suicide incidents kuda taggutayi.

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