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Secret Hotels In India Where One Can Disconnect From The Internet


One doesn’t need just the tranquil swish of wind and the silence of the forest but also a calm and undisturbed retreat to spend your days in absolute disconnect from the world. These hideaways are sacred saviors from the city rush for those that want to experience the luxury of nature on a silent mode with zero gadget buzz zone.

1. Elephant Valley Eco Farm, Kodaikanal

If you’re moving away from the civilization then it better be for the best. 20 kms away from Kodaikanal, these eco farms attract eco-tourist year round. This old elephant migration route is a biodiversity hotspot and gives you more reasons to move away from the crowd and spend your days in one of the twenty eco-friendly bungalows in the wilderness equipped with solar light and firewood.

2. The Tamara, Coorg

Amidst the greens of the Western Ghats, The Tamara Coorg brings a unique experience of solitude in luxury cottages overlooking the Kabbinakad Estate. With freshness of the Arabica and cardamom plantation, this retreat in the lap of nature gives immense opportunities to be one with the nature. The Rudraksh trail, bird watching and the rejuvenating studio spa leave you with nothing more to ask for.

3. Hidden Valley Retreat

Situated in the wilderness of Wayanad, Kerala, Hidden Valley Retreat lives to its name, offering a tranquil experience. This homestay is totally disconnected from civilization and while it’s not fancy, it is great for someone who wants to experience off-the-grid living. At night, darkness completely engulfs the area making it perfect for someone seeking solitude.

4. Little Dream, The Morning Surprise!

Located in Manali, tucked away in a village called Nasogi this place offers peace and a stunning view of the hills. Just 15 minutes away from the Manali bus stand, the cottage is secluded from the everyday hustle-bustle of life and the busy streets of Manali. Just 300m from the cottage is an amazing waterfall you might find a multitude of apple trees and if you go during the harvesting season.

5. Home of Gaia – Yogic Abode

The homestay nestled in an apple orchard, located on a mountain cliff opposite the bustling town of Manali is away from traffic and noise and makes for a perfect secluded getaway. This place a 20 minute hike from the main road cannot be easily spotted. Hence, you’ll have to contact the host once you get to Vashisht. It is a perfect place for artists, musicians, writers and yogis looking for meditative retreats wanting to connect to nature.

6. Tipperary Colonial Bungalow

The vintage bungalow built in a colonial style reminds one of a Charles Dickens’ novel, an absolute gem hidden away in the far end of Yercaud town. The rooms beautifully decorated, with an astounding view of the city of Salem sum up a perfect getaway from Bangalore, away from your phones and laptops!

7. Cardamom House, Dindigul

The silent haven of Didigul is home to yet another traveler utopia. Cardamom house a family home to British physician Dr Chris Lucas, outside the small village of Athoor, these cottages with rooftop terrace overlook a beautiful monsoon dependent Kamarajar Lake. This remote retreat in the foothills of Western Ghats offers immense photographic opportunities with the flowers in bloom, butterflies in the pool garden and wonderful dawn at the adjoining lake.

8. Treehouse Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

This dream is hidden amidst 21 acres jungle of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The treehouse balconies overlook the exquisite Bandhavgarh National Park recording the highest count of tigers in the country. A traditional jungle living experience that has been in your bucket list awaits you here.

9. Tranquil, Sultan’s Battery

From one treehouse to another, there is no reason to step down yet. Sultan’s Battery, watch tower constructed by Tipu Sultan 4km from Mangalore. The quaint tree houses at Tranquil Plantation Hideaway amidst coffee and vanilla plantation is an ideal escape into the wild.

10. Serenity, Vazhoor

Located at Kanam Estate on a small hilltop, at Serenity you are enrapt in scents of tropical spices. This private villa hotel prides itself for its vintage architecture and heritage ambience. If you wish to spend more time with elephants than with people, this is the destination that will give you an exquisite Malabar escape.

11. The Auli Resort, Auli

Snow capped peaks of Garhwal are a loner’s paradise throughout the year. These tourist bungalows on heavenly white slopes are Himalayan Elysium. If you are looking at a hideaway, the bungalows on the snow blankets at Auli give you a bite full of nature you can savour for life.

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