What sets Telugu cinema apart from every other industry


It is rightly said that if there are two things that drive our country, they are Cinema and Cricket. While Cricket is the same for the entire country, Cinema is unique. India is the only country with over 1000 languages spoken (Yes, Google and check for yourself), and many film industries catering to viewers of different languages.

Every industry has its unique points, but there are a few that set us, Telugu Film Industry apart from our brethren in the rest of the country.


The fandom that a star in Telugu cinema enjoys is unprecedented in the country. Yes, there are die-hard fans of Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan, but in no other industry will even rising stars enjoy superstardom like they do in Telugu cinema.

There is a special bond that is established between a Telugu cinema hero and his fans. From a fan’s WhatsApp pic to an argument about a flop movie of his idol during a drinking session with his friends, the Telugu cinema fan is loyally attached to his idol, no matter what his idol does. The idol unknowingly fills his world in every possible way.

A much-hyped trailer released – celebration. The trailer is awesome – celebration. The audio is a hit – celebration. The movie released and is a hit – his money is over, still, there is a celebration. Now he owes his friend Rs 2000/-.

So basically, we as fans love to do these things and this is definitely unique and never understood by others.  Finally the feeling of every fan inside ‘I know your hero acts well, maybe looks better too. Still! I am with this guy. I just like him, don’t ask me reasons.’

The craze: For ex: watch this



Yes! This should be a point we should accept with pride in a way. No one can make a commercial movie better than our Telugu cinema directors. We give a damn to awards, so what? We are the masters in making this kind of cinema and we should be proud of it.

Yes, there has been decent progress in defining commercial cinema. With the audience, craze and reach, we’ve got on well on the national level too. Yeah, we didn’t get awards. Screw that!telugu cinema

From a Gharana Mogudu – Samarasimha Reddy – Indra – Pokiri – Magadheera to the latest – Eega, Mirchi or Race Gurram, there has been a steady progress and we have never disappointed the other language cinemas even in terms of collections. We do take inputs and technicians from Tamil, but we have our own style of showing it.


This is for those who crib about good cinema in Telugu.

Somewhere deep within, we keep cribbing about the acceptance of varied cinema by the Telugu audience. ‘Arey, no good movies come. It is the same bullshit!’Variety cinema chudaru mama’ ‘You make a DIFFERENT film, we will watch’ we keep hearing these lines regularly.

But, honestly when the moment arrives for you to watch one movie, which of the two movies would you prefer, Mirchi or Chandama Kathalu? Picking any of the movies, you will emerge as a winner and you will find your answer. Mirchi – for the commercial cinema we specialise at. Chandama Kathalu – the DIFFERENT cinema you are looking for. But which was watched and noticed more, you all know. Producers aren’t running a charity organisation.telugu cinema

And the market we provided to the Tamil industry, we have not been provided in return anywhere else. A Rajnikanth, Kamal Hasan or a Suriya movie is still received with as much, or even more fanfare in their industry. So, we have been a great audience and we should be proud of it.


How many of us know that L. V. Prasad was the only actor to have acted in the first talkie film of three major film making languages in our country? Hindi (Alam Ara), Telugu (Baktha Prahalada) and Tamil (Kalidas). Don’t jump into judging his acting, if he was not at least a little worth, he wouldn’t have made it. Following him were CSR, S.V. Ranga Rao, NTR, ANR, Bhanumathi, Savitri etc. The list goes on and on till Sharwanand, Nani or Vijay Devarkonda being the latest.4 - OUR BUNCH OF ACTORS

From those black and white days to now crossing 75 years of Telugu cinema, we have carved out a niche for ourselves. Even today, if you watch a film for ten seconds, you can tell it is a Telugu film – that is how unique we are!

Thanks to all those actors who made us proud and got us a niche of our own.

For people who keep comparing: there can be no end to comparisons. Everyone has their own style and stamina.  Get me another Rajendra Prasad or a Jandyala, then we can talk!!