Here’s How Shah Rukh Khan Transformed Into 25 Year Old Gaurav For FAN..!!

Shah Rukh Khan is getting rave reviews for his performance as the psychotic Gaurav Chandna in his latest flick Fan and the film is also breaking records at the box office. However, it is not just SRK who should enjoy all the credit for Gaurav – VFX, digital enhancing, prosthetics and a lot more effort together with Khan’s acting skills brought to screen the character that is now winning hearts.

The film-makers shared a video on Tuesday that gives us a closer look into how SRK became Aryan Khanna’s biggest and creepiest fan for the movie.


Work on the digital enhancement and VFX for Maneesh Sharma’s directorial venture began as early as November 2014 when 20-30 shots of the film were tested and the final look of Gaurav’s character was locked. Hollywood make up artist Greg Canon, too, lent his expertise for the final touch. He had previously worked on Brad Pitt starrer The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where he made the actor look different at the various stages of his life.


The VFX work on Fan was an indispensable part of the movie, and timing the shots of Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav proved particularly challenging due to the fact that SRK’s face was digitally restructured to make the character look younger. Using mattes provided by the VFX house, Head of Production (DI) Salil Deshpande and colourist Ken Metzker worked closely with DoP Manu Anand to perfect the look for both the live action and the VFX elements in the images.


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