Shankarabaranam Review : Completely Out of Tune !

When you pick the title of a classic, you should ensure you do justice to it.

Whether the plot is relevant to the original or twisted completely, the name carries some amount of goodwill. The latest Nikhil and Nandita starrer, Shankarabaranam, faced the same issue. Not only did they misuse the title, the whole pack went haywire.

Goutam is an NRI and his father goes bankrupt because of his ill-minded friends who back-stab him. Unable to bear the burden of huge debts, his father attempts suicide. Saving his father from committing suicide, Goutam decides to go to Bihar to sell their ancestral property, the Shakarabaranam Palace. Upon reaching Bihar, he discovers that it is not as easy as he thought. Kidnappings and chaos from nowhere make it more complicated. It is his relatives who stay in the palace and he has to come to terms with them before he gets them to sign the NOC. There he meets his girl who happens to be his niece, Happy (Nandita). She agrees to stay on his side. Rest of the story is about whether Goutam manages to sell the property amidst all the Bihar chaos or not.

Apart from the title, Kona Venkat was also a major factor in attracting the audience. Earlier, every movie of his had been out and out entertainers. Once you get a grip over this skill, you’ve got to experiment religiously and increase your capacity as a writer. Kona, taking the audience for granted, came up with something unacceptable and burnt his fingers. Nikhil, who had a series of good movies coming his way couldn’t manage to sustain this one. The concept of this movie sounds interesting on paper. It looks similar to a Hindi movie, but Kona played with the screenplay terribly. This acted against the movie.

Barring Prudhvi, who has been doing decent roles of late, none of the cast is impressive. By the time the movie ends, its only Prudhvi and to an extent Sapthagiri, who manage to entertain you. Sanjay Mishra, who plays a goon in Bihar is not much noticed. Nandita was mediocre. Nikhil himself didn’t seem confident and was left confused in the character.

If a script isn’t gripping, cinematography and music, are likely to follow the same path. Even if they did their best to elevate the subject, it couldn’t be noticed anywhere in the movie.

The much hyped Shankarabaram has gone totally out of tune.

Ooops, I finished the review so fast! That’s the effect of the movie! All you could do is sit and wait like me for the next week. Bengal Tiger is on his way!

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