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Sharwanand Is Not Just An Actor But A Performer Who Can Fit Into Any Role. Here’s Proof


Eh industry lo aina eh hero ki aina, okaside commercial movies chestune vatilo content driven stories and performance scope unna roles cheydame anedi chala rare thing. But not in case of Sharwanand…!

Megastar Chiranjeevi pakkana commercial ad tho acting career start chesina Sharwanand tamil dubbed telugu movie ‘Yuvasena’ movie tho film career start chesadu. Aa taruvatha Deva Katta debut movie Vennela lo negative shade, Amma Cheppindi lo imbalanced youngster la, Gamyam lo millionaire ga ila tanu chese prathi movie lo performance scope unna roles select chesukovadam and vatini anthe manchiga and perfection tho screen meedha portray cheyadam just Sharwanand ki matrame sontham.

Lead role ah…supporting role ah.. ani alochinchakunda, character and story nacchithe chalu movie sign chesi aa character ni screen meedha chuse audience ki connect aiyye la cheyadam Sharwanand lo unna potential actor and true performer ki oka fine example.

Movie…movie ki variation choopisthu ippudu Rana Rangam movie lo Gangster role tho mana munduku vastunnadu mana hero Sharwanand. Already release aina movie teasers, trailers and promos chala interesting ga unnayi. Two different get ups Gangster ga act chestunna Sharwanand looks ee movie meedha expectations ni penchesayi. Ee August 15th ki release avthunna ee movie ki already full positive buzz create aindi.

Vennela to Rana Rangam let’s take a look at few roles of Sharwa and how selective and he is and the way he performs every character with so much ease and passion.

1. Vennela – Negative shade unna Ritesh role 

Deva Katta directorial debut ‘Vennela’ movie lo career beginning lone negative shade unna character chesadu.

2. Amma Cheppindi – Mentally underdeveloped youngster role

Mentally underdeveloped youngster role unde ee experimental flick lo Sharwa character ki critics nundi manchi applauds vachayi.

3. Gamyam – Rich brat with obsessed thoughts

Ika Gamyam lo rich millionaire ga kanipinchina Sharwa aa role ni perfect ga deal chesi justify chesadu.

4. Andari Bandhuvaya – Simple village guy with large-hearted nature

Complete family entertainer stuff and village nundi vacchi city lo set aiyye oka kind and large-hearted role ki Sharwa ki manchi apaplauds vachayi despite of movie response.

5. Prasthanam – Step son with serious body language and terrific character

Ika Sharwanand loni subtle performer ni bayata pettina cinema idi. Ee movie lo Sharwa dialogue diction nundi aa character ki unde body language varaku anni picture perfect ga portray chesadu.

6. Satya 2- Breaking stereotypes and did a Gangster role

Movie result ela unna Sharwanand gangster ga chesina ee sequel way he is selective about scripts ane daniki oka fine example ga migiliopotundi.

7. Run Raja Run – Simple boy next door role with laugh riot content

Simple laugh riot story tho Sharwa chesina ee movie commercial hit aindi and Sharwa lo unna comedy angle teliyadam tho patu athadi market ni penchindi.

8. Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju – Aspiring athlete and honest lover

Ee movie lo oka aspiring athlete and honest lover ga Sharwa performance the way he delivered his dialogues as Raja Ram made everyone connected to movie and his character.

9. Express Raja – Again laugh riot character and role

Run Raja Run taruvatha Sharwa chesina ee movie and role he played is made everyone laugh ass out in theatres. Comedy is not everyone’s cup of coffee to handle but Sharwa is the one who can deliver humor with perfect timing and sense of humour.

10. Rana Rangam – A Gangster

Now he’s coming back again as a Gangster with Rana Rangam. Ee movie lo two different periodicals lo jarige story lo Sharwa gangster ga kanipinchanunnadu. Idi already release aina trailers chusthe manaki clear ga ardam avtundi. Ee August 15th ki release avthunna ee movie ki already full positive buzz create aindi.

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