Are You Short?…These Hacks Will Help Style The Diva In You..!

By Rachna Shilpi

God only lets things grow until they are perfect and some of us didn’t take as long as others.
Some physical attributes cannot be altered but the best we could do is be happy the way we are by pepping up our looks and style.

I laugh at the ads on TV about height improvement, because we have better ways to look taller than getting some shoes or capsules which do not guarantee to increase height.

For all the short girls out there Do’s and Don’ts:

1. Heels :

you for sure know they are going to work in making you look tall and do not worry about hiding the heels under your clothes because you can flaunt your footwear and make a statement. In case you are concerned about back pain, try wedges and I promise you style and comfort.

2. Clothes :

Shirts and tops with vertical stripes or checks make a better impression. Length of the Kurtis you wear should either be up to your knees or shorter and it highlights your legs. The best bid on pants is ankle length pants and capris which work the trick.


3. Color

I am a fan of colours and girls love all the pretty colored clothes, but when it comes to occasions where you want to look tall, make sure you wear dark color tops, as it will make you look slimmer and hence taller.


4. Hair :

If you can manage a puff or a bump hair style that could add an inch to your height.
Get out of the routine hair style which makes you look the same every day and try new styles every day.


5. Accessories :

Stay light on accessories and do not overdo on them as it would highlight your body frame.


6. Make up :

Remember minimalism is a game changer in fashion these days. So be it make up or accessories stay low on it and keep a smile.


Get prepared to enjoy all the attention and even a second look from people around!

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