5 Shows That Will Stay Evergreen On Indian Television

By Apeksha Tickoo

With Simar turning to a ‘makkhi’ and ‘naagins’ ruling the  daily soaps, it probably isn’t the best phase of Indian Television Industry. You know the worst part? These shows which make absolutely no sense top the TRP charts that is, people are willing to spend quality time watching a beautiful young woman turn into a snake and ladies loaded with kilos of jewelry and makeup planning and plotting all the time!

Whatever the TRP says, I haven’t come across anyone who is fond of these shows. (Are you? PLEASE SAY NO!)

But here are some TV shows which restore your faith in Indian television Industry; some evergreen shows which have set a great example of creativity and excellence. Read on to know about them!



70 episodes of ultimate fun, this sitcom is probably the only one to compete with the international ones! Be it the actors, the dialogues or the comic timing, every element of this epic show isspot on!

The amalgamation of Maya Sarabhai’s sophistication, Indu’s witty comebacks, Monisha’s eternal love for bargaining, Rosesh’s (unbearable but) cute little poems and Sahil’s helplessness makes this sitcom what it is, truly extraordinary! The only time this show disappointed (basically, broke our heart to pieces) was when with the promise of coming back with another season, it never did. But, the fan following is so strong, even after 10 years of it going off air, people are still waiting for the Sarabhai’s to light up their living rooms! (After all this time? Always.)

So what if we can not bring to you another season, we can always watch the old episodes! So grab some popcorn and get ready to advance on a laughter riot!



One of the best talk shows produced by Indian Television fraternity, it peeps into the lives of over a 100 celebrities including Shahrukh Khan, Shobhaa De, Harbhajan Singh, Shekhar Kapur and many more!  Farooq Sheikh and Suresh Oberoi hosted the first season of this talk show where as Roshan Abbas hosted the second season. The real star of this show, if you ask was Farooq Sheikh with his endearing looks who got the best  out of all the guests on the show. No wonder he received the ITA award for best anchor!

Here is the first episode of the show featuring Shahrukh Khan!



Kaun Banega Crorepati

Okay fine, the concept of KBC is based on UK’s game show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ but so what if the concept was borrowed, the way it has been executed is truly brilliant! The very fact that it has continued to grab the attention of audience since 2000 explains in itself about its tremendously huge fan following. KBC managed to run 8 seasons successfully with Amitabh Bachchanhosting all of them except the third which was hosted by Shahrukh Khan. Every new season brings with it few changes in the format and a new tagline! (My favorite one?’Gyaan hi aapko aapka haq dilatahai.’)

Seeing a common man sit on the hot seat and win, establishes a direct connection with the audience which is the USP of this show. Not to forget, the amazing host, Big B!(and  of course, the knowledge this showdelivers)



When you have a timeless beauty as the host of a talk show and hot-shot guests from Bollywood, business, politics and royalty; the show is bound to be a success. The enticing personality of Simi Garewal with perfect blend of charm and intellect makes this talk show the best one I have ever come across. Peeping into the lives of eminent personalities like Ratan Tata, Benazir Bhutto, Anil Ambani, Maharani Gayatri Devi, Zeenat Aman, Preity Zinta and so many more. Having watched all of them, I must say this show is totally addictive.  Also, Simi has her own way of making the guests reveal secrets which will leave you in awe!

Grab everything you can find to eat and start with one episode, and I assure you won’t give up till you’ve seen all of them!



The moment I decided to write on ‘Malgudi Days’, its title track started playing in my head and I can’t seem to stop it! (To be honest, don’t want to. Brings back a lot of sweet childhood memories!) I don’t think any explanation Is needed as to why this is an evergreen show! Every episode is 22 minutes of pure bliss. (Well of course! Based on the works of R.K. Narayan what do you expect!)

Guess what? Swami and his friends are still waiting for you, here!


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