7 Side Effects Of Green Tea You Need to Know About


Ee madhya people chala Health Benefits conscious ayipoyaru. Only organic inka healthy foods eh consume chesthunaru. Ee thought trend valla andharu regular tea inka coffee nunchi green tea vaipu shift ayyaru. Kaani green tea kuda meeru anukunantha beneficial emi kaadhu! Green tea lo kuda chala side effects unnayi, have a look at them.

Anemia:Green Tea

Taiwanese study prakaram green tea ekuga consume chesthe it can lead to iron deficiency – anemia. Iron rick food thinna tharuvaatha green tea thaguthe, green tea compounds iron ki bind ayi mee body ku iron andhnivadhu. Green tea lo unna “tannins”, body ni iron content absorb cheyanivadhu.

Irregular heartbeat:Green Tea

Green tea, “tachycardia” ane condition ni cause chesthundhi, edhaithe mee heartbeat rate ni penchuthundhi. Normal heartbeat rate lo change osthe chala dangerous.

Stomach problems:Green Tea

Green tea lo thakkuva caffeine unna kuda, it’ll cause stomach problems endhukante idhi body lo unna acid ni penchuthundhi. This can cause pain or nausea.

Headaches:Green Tea

Green tea, mild to severe headache cause chesthundhi. 1.3 gmskante ekuva green tea consume chesthe, it’ll lead to dizziness. Maximum mana body only 9.9 gms of green tea ne tolerate cheyachu.

Diabetes:Green Tea

Though, green tea chala beneficial antaru, green tea lo unna catechins Type 2 diabetes ni stimulate chese avakasam undhi.

Glaucoma:Green Tea

Green tea thaaguthe eye lo pressure increase avuthundhi, which lasts from 20-90 mins. Glaucoma unna women green tea inka green tea extract thaagaddhu.

Skin allergies:Green Tea

The most common allergies associated with green tea are hives and eczema. Green tea that he an individual can experience a tingling sensation on face, lips, tongue or throat.