Significance of red, green and yellow during weddings


Indian weddings are done with heavy rituals and tons of colors. Colors that carry a lot of significance during weddings are yellow, red and green. Ever wondered why we get ready in yellow dresses for some ceremonies? Why we wear red clothes and green bangles? Here is why….

Significance of redSignification Red1Red is the most seen color during weddings. Red saree, red bindis, red sherwanis, etc. Red is associated with Goddess Durga and hence is symbolic to power, strength and valor. Thus, a bride adorned in red embodies all the qualities. putting the red sindoor on the forehead and parting of the hair signifies good fortune and prosperity. The colour red is also associated with fertile clay, thus signifying fertility and fecundity for the new bride. Pujas are performed using kumkum which also enhances the importance.

Significance of yellowSignification YellowwwwA day or two before the wedding, a haldi ceremony takes place. For this, everyone gets dressed in shades of yellow. The colour yellow has auspicious connotations in the Hindu belief system. Signifying prosperity and opulence, the yellow colour offers to usher in the same spirit into the newlyweds’ lives. The haldi ceremony, which is an important pre-wedding ritual, uses turmeric (pasupu) which acts as a natural scrub and cleanses the skins of the bride and groom before the wedding.

Significance of greenSignification GreenThis is another color of utter importance in Indian weddings. The colour green signifies a new beginning, a new birth. Marriage is akin to a new birth in the lives of all individuals. In some Indian communities, brides wear a green saree and green bangles. The colour green also denotes fertility, nature’s bountiful basket.