8 Signs That Hint 3rd Wave Of Covid-19 In India Is Near But Who Really Cares

3rd wave rojuki roju ki deeni impact peruguta undi ani media, medical bodies and governments cheptune unnayi. Kani mana janalaki matram assala em tochadam ledu cut chesthe bayata huge crowds and masks lekundane tiragadam and sanitise chesukovadam lanti covid-19 protocols minimum patinchadamledu…

3rd wave untadhi ani cheppina evaru lekka cheyadam ledu…ikkada twist enti ante 3rd wave anedi already start anadaniki naku konni hints occhesayi avento oosari meeru chusthe…

1. Kerala Govt Imposed Full Lockdown During Weekends after huge covid-19 cases


2. Huge Spike In Covid-19 Cases in Maharashtra & in Neighbor states


3. On July 24, India Records almost 40,000 new COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours


4. New Cases In Kerala (17,518), Maharashtra (6,753), Odisha (1,917), Tamil Nadu (1,830), Andhra Pradesh (1,747), Karnataka (1,705) Assam (1,621) and Manipur (1,284).

New Cases

5. Rise Of Delta Plus Variant Cases In The States

Delta Plus

6. ICMR Already Warned Us About Us That 3rd Wave May Hit Us By August


7. There is no social distance, masks and huge crowds everywhere – which is a super spreader

social distance

8. IMA & Others Said That 3rd wave is already active & it is “inevitable and imminent”


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