Signs that you have the best boyfriend/fiancee/husband ever.


Life lo devudu manaki oka person ni partner ga raasi pedtharu. Vaallatho kalisi jeevinchadam is what makes our lives beautiful. Here are a few things that those girls/ladies will agree to about having the best’est boyfriend ever.
1. Manam entha and edi matladina prematho vintadu1. Manam entha

2. Mana friends and families tho una priorities ni ardham cheskuntadi2.Mana friends and families

3. When he gets you to meet new people, he is proud to introduce you to them.3.When he gets you to meet

4. Ni freedom ki respect isthadu. He lets you be what you want to also by letting you know when you are wrong.4. Ni freedom ki respect isthadu

5. Ni mood swings ni ardham cheskuntadu.5. Ni mood swings

6. He would stand against the world and fight for you; provided when you are correct.6.He would stand against

7. Manam tappu chesthe.. insult cheyyakunda. Tarvata soft ga explain chesthadu.7. Manam tappu chesthe..

8. He knows he can behave like himself only with you and doesn’t go back in doing so.8. He knows he can behave

9. Edi daachakunda… very honest untadu. He knows there is a lot of understanding between the two of you.9. Edi daachakunda...

10. He is jealous of you being with your male friends kani aa jealously insecurity kadu. It is simple love. He has no problem when you go out with your male friends too.10. He is jealous of you being

11. He is so protective of us.11. He is so protective about us