Simple Spicy Aloo Chat – Sounds amazing, right?!!


Time is up that we died off for hot summers. Now it is time to rejoice heavy winds and lovely rains. Vashram lo hot hot pakodis cheskoni tinte … daanikante amazing feeling inkedi undadu. Kani andarki pakodis cheskovadam raadu. So we have another interesting snack. The Alooo Chat!!

Here is how you should make it.

What you need?
• Potatoes
• Uppu and karam
• Amchur powder
• Jeera powder
• Chat masala
• Lemon juice
• Tamarind chutney.
• Mint chutney
• Coriander

How do you make it?
• Potatoes ni manchiga chop cheyyandi..tinalani ankunna size lo.6.Simple Spicy Aloo Chat
• Oka pan lo take little oil to pan fry these potatoes.
• Fry ainaka, remove them into a bowl.1.Simple Spicy Aloo Chat
• Add the masalas we have3.Simple Spicy Aloo Chat
• Add lemon juice, salt and Mirchi powder4.Simple Spicy Aloo Chat
• Add the chutneys5.Simple Spicy Aloo Chat
• Last ki coriander and if possible some sev add cheyyandi
• Kummeyandi!6.Simple Spicy Aloo Chat

Tip: you can deep fry the potatoes. Kani to not make it heavy and unhealthy, have it pan fried!