4 Steps To Check If Your Chilli Powder Is Pure Or Not ?

Red chilli powder mana Indian household lo one of the most commonly used spices. Rich colour and flavour kosam, every Indian curries lo use chestharu. Chala varaku, olden days lo red chillies ni sun dry chesi, fine powder ki pound chesey vallu. Ee powder ni pedda containers lo store cheskoni, frequent ga vadey valu. Kaani ippudu, ee generation lo packaged inka ready made chilli powder ney prefer chestunnaru. Ready-made inka store-bought chilli powder chala time and effort ni save chesthundi. Kaani ee store-bought chilli powder entha varaku safe ?? Is it made without adulteration, ani manaki yela telusthundi??

Most of the time powdered spices quantity lo yekuva avalani, ee powders lo crushed wood or husk ni add chestharu, unhealthy artificial colour ni colour enhance kosam use chestharu.

These are some of the major factors why we have to check market made chilli powders. We have 4 simple steps which will help you know if your chilli powder is pure or not.

Checking for brick powder:

chilli powder is pure,

Brick powder inka red chilli powder ki almost same texture untundi. Ee texture undadam valla, chala adulterants chilli powder lo koncham brick powder ni mix chestharu. Brick powder test kosam, one tablespoon chilli powder ni glass lo vesi rub cheyandi. Rub chesina appudu if you feel some grittiness, it means your chilli powder is adulterated with brick powder or sand.

Water test:

chilli powder is pure,

Chilli powder ni mostly brick powder, talc powder inka salt tho adulterate chestharu. Ee powders mee chilli powder lo undi ani telusukovali antey, oka simple water test ni cheyali. One teaspoon chilli powder ni oka plain glass of water lo add cheyali, oka vela water reddish brown colour laga change ayindi antey a chilli powder lo artificial colour inka brick powder undi ani indication. Normal ga, pure red chilli powder water lo dissolve avvadhu. Oka vela glass end lo white colour residents untey, aa red chilli powder lo soapstone undi ani indication. This is one the most simple test to find if your chilli powder is adulterated.

To detect starch:

chilli powder is pure,

Starch ni red chilli powder bulk ni increase cheyadaniki use chestharu. To test starch, red chilli powder ki tincture Iodine leda Iodine solution add chesthey, powder blue colour loki change avuthundi. Ee blueish colour valla power lo starch undi ani indicate chesthundi.

Test for artificial colour:

chilli powder is pure,

Chala varaku water soluble coal, tar colour ni red chilli powder lo use chestharu. Artificial colour, basic ga red chilli powder colour ni enhance chayadaniki use chestaru. Oka glass water pyna, red chilli powder ni sprinkle chesthey, water top layer pyna colour streaks ni notice chestharu. Ela kanipisthey me red chilli powder lo artifical colour inka adulterated ani ardham.

Meeku kuda mee chilli powder pyna doubt undi antey try these simple tests and know if your chilli powder is pure or not.

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