Simple Ways To Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

Normal ga mana andhariki fruits antey chala istam, kani ee fruits ni peel chesi, cut chesi thinadaniki koncham time inka patience kavali. Aa time inka patience level chala varaku andhariki undadhu. Andhukey fruits thinadam avoid chesthu untaru, which is a very bad habit. Fruits daily diet lo include chesthey chala manchidi.

Body ki kavalsina essential sugars , vitamins inka minerals esthai. Busy life lo fruits ni cut cheskoni tinali antey time kavali so aa time ni save cheskovali ani fruits ni mudhuganey cut cheskoni refrigerator lo store chestharu, kani koncham time tarvatha ee fruits vala original colour ni leave chesi brown colour loki maripothai.

Ee discolouration iron-rich fruits lo untundi. Kani ee browning process ni stop cheyali antey konni simple inka easy ways unnai. Aa easy ways enti anukuntunara? Aythey check this article.


Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

experts prakaram cut chesina fresh fruits ni saltwater lo oka 3-5 minutes varaku soak chesthey, fruits brown colour ga maravu.

Use lemon juice:

Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

lemon juice lo unna citric acid, enzymatic reactions ni slow down chesi fruits ni vati original colours change avakunda help chesthundi.

Cold water:

Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

cut chesina fruits Ni oxygen ki expose cheyakunda cold leda chilled water to soak chesthey chalu.

Airtight sealed bags:

Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

direct ga air ki expose avakunda cut chesina fruits ni airtight sealed bags lo store chesthey chalu.

Using vitamin C powder:

Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

normal ga cut chesina fruits medha vitamin C powder ni sprinkle chesthey chalu fruits brown avakunda untai.

Using rubber band:

Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown

cut chesina fruits ni malli adey fruit shape lo rubber band lo tight ga close chesi refrigerator lo pethey chalu fruits brown avakunda unntai.

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