9 Stereotypes About Sindhis Which We Are Way Way Off!!


By Ritika Chhabria

Hi guys! Today we’ll talk about some stereotypes that Sindhis have to face and we Sindhis know what runs through our minds at that time, don’t we?

Bollywood has really shaped these stereotypes and made Sindhis these people who always wear gold accessories and go around singing ‘Laal meri par rakhiyo’ or eat Kadhi and papad everyday…but no! You’re wrong!

Yes some of our ancestors are from Pakistan, but no we are not Pakistanis!

gif 1We all hear great stories from our grandparents of how they’ve come to India in boats or trains and we feel proud of our heritage, but, we are Indian! We are as much of an Indian as you are!

All of us don’t stay in Sindhi colony.

gif 2

Just because we are Sindhi, doesn’t mean we all stay there…we are also spread in various parts of the city as people from any other culture are.

All Sindhis are not Kanjoos you know.


We are people who love to spend money, yes we don’t like to spend much of it unnecessarily (who does!), but we actually do spend well.

We are Sindhis and we are related to Punjabis in the same way that an Odiya is related to a Gujrati!

gif 4

When someone asks you about you’re religion and you say ‘I’m a Sindhi’ and they say ‘Oh! So you’re like a Punjabi’ and you’re thinking ‘Dude! I just told you I’m a SINDHI’
(P.S. rolling your eyes at them doesn’t work).

Dude! Even we can be vegetarian!!

giphy (1)

It’s not like a compulsion thing you know! Even we can be vegetarian…it’s not like being a Sindhi is equivalent to getting a license to eating chicken and stuff!

No, we’re not all blingy!

giphy (2)

Contrary to what Bollywood movies show, we are actually great dressers and we don’t roam around wearing tons of gold necklaces.

Yes we love Sindhi Kadhi but that’s not all we eat!

giphy (3)

We Sindhis are great foodies and we absolutely don’t survive on Kadhi all day. Also we don’t really eat papad like every single day…

We also study and earn you know, not all of us join daddy’s business.

giphy (4)

We Sindhis work hard and study and just like everyone else get our degrees. Education is important for us… We do study and become independent

Yes we drink tea but it’s not like all of us do!

giphy (5)

No! We don’t love love tea… Maybe our parents run on it but we kids don’t love tea okay…Hey! For all you know we could be great coffee-lovers!

So now you know what we are and what we can do. So zip it already and do away with the Stereotypes.


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