Wondering Who The Singer Of ‘Nee Neeli Kannullona’ From Dear Comrade Is? Read On

This guy never even knew that his first song as a playback singer in Telugu has got released until his phone was just flooded with notifications one after the other. He was driving and was on a call with his colleagues discussing work. But he had to head to a meeting and all that he could do is just to let his phone’s battery die. But later, when he learnt that good wishes were just pouring for the sing he recorded for Dear Comrade, this youngster just couldn’t stop himself from thanking his stars.

Singer Gowtham Of Nee Neeli Kannullona

Singer Gowtham Bharadwaj, who has become pretty popular with Ne Neeli Kannullona…from Dear Comrade, is enjoying the taste of the name and fame he is slowly garnering. Born in Rajahmundry and brought up in Chennai, Gowtham is now a Chartered Accountant by profession and a trained singer by passion.

We spoke to Gowtham and he has shared a lot about the path he chose towards the journey of his success.

Singer Gowtham Of Nee Neeli Kannullona

Well, talking about the song that has made him so popular, Gowtham said that he was never sure that the song would even be released or not. It is pretty common in film industry that what we want to happen, will not happen always.

“I never asked any composer to give me an opportunity to sing for a film. But I always kept sharing the songs I used to sing for my YouTube channel and ask them to share their feedback. That’s is how I and Justin Prabhakaran, the composer of Dear Comrade have become closer. One day I told him to let me know if there is a need for a new voice in case he is recording for any film. That’s how I bagged an opportunity to sing for Dear Comrade,” he said.

Singer Gowtham Of Nee Neeli Kannullona

It was told to him that there is no guarantee that the song might be approved, but asked him to record to try his luck. Finally, the tune was approved as the makers have gone gaga over Gowtham’s voice.

“Later, Justin asked me to record in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages too. I am really glad for have been recording this song and thankful to all those people who have loved. Even Vijay Deverakonds called to congratulate for the song and for some time, I just couldn’t believe it and thought some one was pranking on me,” he added.

Singer Gowtham Of Nee Neeli Kannullona

Gowtham and his friends own a band called Staccato and they have even performed at the London Olympics a few years ago and have become quite popular for the music they chose to perform. Even now, Gowtham and his friends keep performing at events. Gowtham also performs vocals at many cultural events that keep happening in Chennai and other places.

“In my maternal and paternal families, many of the elders are trained classical singers. The art of music is in the field and that’s how my mother started sending me to music classes. My love for music grew with me. I was never bored of learning and never gave up during the tough times. I have been trained by many famous professionals in Chennai. Music has always been a part of my and it will be,” said Gowtham.

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