Size Zero Review : Anushka is Worth Her Weight In Gold

Size Zero Review,Anushka

‘Believe in happy endings’ – is the first message the chubby Sweety (Anushka) reads on a weight ticket in her childhood on a coin-operated weight machine. It was a perfect start to the movie, sets the mood, and that’s the message the movie ends with too – ‘Believe in happy endings’. There are ups and down towards the pre-climax, but Size Zero emerges as a winner for Prakash Kovelamudi and team. It’s a safe bet and you won’t walk out disappointed. Especially girls facing obesity complexes, this could be their voice.


Sweety (Anushka Shetty) believes in whatever the coin-operated weight machine says through the weight ticket and always keeps herself positive by accepting herself the way she is. Sweety speaks on behalf of many girls who suffer with obesity complexes. Be it being forced to work-out, reduce eating, or to get attention from guys. You will see a totally different Anushka Shetty as Sweety. Her dedication towards the character is shown and it’s amazing to see the voluptuous Anushka become a chubby, fat and cute girl. Abhi (Arya) is an NRI doing social service by shooting awareness programs on Indian toilet system in slums. Though Sweety likes him at first sight, she doesn’t want to get married and they mutually break the marriage arrangement made by their parents. They meet again at a marriage of their common relative and few romantic moments lead Sweety to develop feelings for Abhi.

Just when things seem pleasant, Sweety discovers Abhi and Simran (Sonal Chouhan) are in a relationship. This throws Sweety into a hassle, situation with obesity playing a major conflict in her life. She decides to join Size Zero, a clinic run by Satyanand (Prakash Raj). Both Arya and Sonal Chouhan provide good support to Anushka in terms of performance. Rest of the story is about how she emerges as a winner, fighting against Satyanand’s clinic, which falsely provides instant solutions for weight loss, of which her friend becomes a victim. Prakash Raj is a surprise in the movie. He essayed his role stupendously.


Prakash Kovelamudi has more or less justified his writer wife Kanika Dhillon’s script keeping all audiences in mind for a subject like this. Few patches in the latter half look like the movie de-railed, but before you realize, he manages to pull you back into the movie. Possibly the glitches were Prawin Pudi’s editing. A few crisper cuts would have enhanced the movie. Nirav Shah’s cinematography brightened up the screen and all throughout it’s colourful and rich. Production values are of top notch. Actress Urvashi returned to Telugu cinema after some time and is impressive. Gullapudi, Ali, Parvati Gangireddi had small roles and they played it well. Size Zero has some beautiful moments in terms of screenplay and MM Keeravani’s BGM has boosted this romantic comedy aptly.

Size Zero as a movie may not be a remarkable one, but it definitely makes you feel light when you walk out. The character of Sweety can be rated as Anushka’s best work till date when it comes to performance and physical transformation, an uncommon trait with actresses across any film industry in the country. Size Zero is a safe bet for this weekend and you will enjoy all the colours and food on screen. Go and watch the Anushka you saw in a bikini, filling the screen space with her fat. She is cute and fa(t)ntastic! In fact, it’s her show all the way!


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