Skincare tips for summer


Summers lo mana body dehydrate ayithundhi. Since we wear light clothes and tend to show more skin in summers, sun rays directly mana skin meedha padthaayi. Hence, mana skin ni hydrated inka fresh ga unchadamu chala important.

1.Exfoliate:skincare tipsExfoliation dead skin cells ni remove chesthundhi. It improves moisturization from toners and moisturizers. Exfoliation tharavaatha hydrating body cream use cheyadam marchipoandi.

2.Drink water:skincare tipsEveryday 8 glasses of water thaagandi. Water thaagadam toh body and skin madhya moisture balance maintain avthundhi.

3.Use sunscreens:skincare tipsSunscreens use cheyadamu marchipokandi. Last year use chesina sunscreen padeyandi. Sunscreens don’t last forver. UVA and UVB unna sunscreen konandi, which have SPF 30 and SPF 70.

4.Apply and Reapply:skincare tipsSunscreen only poddhuna oka saari apply chesthe saripodhu. Sunscreen reapply chesthu ne undaali, whenever you feel it has soaked in.

5.Use facial mists:skincare tipsRose water laanti natural facial mists vaadandi. It helps hydrate your skin and keeps it fresh and glowy.