magically turns into, is the new website that appears on your browser if you type in the words

While there was a lot of talk about the website yesterday, most people logged on to the side to find that the site now had a completely different look and interface.

We had written about the website yesterday, and as expected, the website drew a mixed response. On one hand, a lot of people found the website to be funny. On the other hand, a lot of people the website was going overboard, as it is not considered decent to have a website that asks you to slap people. More so because the comment was made by a Shiv Sena politician, and it was criticized heavily in media.

The people who run the website must have faced the heat for running the site, and decided to change the URL of the site altogether to

It is interesting to see how many kisses Aamir Khan gets in comparison to slaps. At last count, we found there were over 80,00,000 slaps delivered to Aamir. On last count, Aamir has been given 30,00,000 kisses so far.

This is probably the truest test of what the nation feels about Aamir Khan right now. Whether it feels like slapping or kissing him.

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