YouTube to Silver Screen: The Amazing Journey Of Raj Tarun


Raj Tarun, truly a boy next door is the talk of the industry at the moment and has possibly made the smartest journey so far in the Telugu film industry. While you need luck to accomplish your goals, his constant work on short films during his engineering days paid off stupendously.

If you look at the first decade of the millennium, it was a pilot run for a smart world. Things paced up and everything started to move faster than before. The latter half of the decade especially was a revolution by itself. It was smart work combined with hard work that could reap you immense results. Noticing the trend, Raj Tarun believed in his work and went on to do a number of short films that came his way. Though the number of people making it to big screen from YouTube off late has increased, Raj Tarun will be remembered as the first guy to have earned such popularity. Lets look through the steps he took:

Short Films – Raj Tarun Laid His Base

Working with MR Productions, Raj’s short movies such as The Blind Date, Sambar Idly, Two Side Love, Proposal were his first few projects as an actor which were also scripted by him.

Fresh Face for Uyyala Jamppala – When Hard Work met with luck

The Vizagite, who is more keen to direct and script movies landed in the Uyyala Jampala team as an assistant director through his director friend Virinchi Verma. Virinchi Verma was looking for fresh faces, and that stroke of luck was all Raj Tarun needed to come on the silver screen. After that he never looked back!

Squeezing the opportunity to its maximum

Sometimes getting the right opportunity may just not be enough, utilising that given opportunity in the right way and giving it your heart will justify your selection and place in the industry. Raj nailed this one!

Reaping the Fruits!

Raj didn’t stop with just one movie; he proved his caliber with his next movies Cinema Chupistha Mama and Kumari 21F, which is the reason why you are reading about him and we are writing about him here.

His Aim!

While acting happened to him by chance, his soul is always in writing and directing movies. He aims to write for Allu Arjun and Sunil in the near future, who also happen to be his idols.

Additional Scoop: Raj has confirmed in an interview that Sunil has agreed to act under his direction. In turn, it is Raj who is yet to give his idol a narration.

Though its too early to pressurize him with any expectations, lets just hope and wish him all good luck.