Snacks and chocolates only 90s kids will recogonise


1.Phantom : Sweet cigarettes snacks and chocolates2.Kismisnacks and chocolates3.Cadbury chocisnacks and chocolates4.Bytessnacks and chocolates5.Marblessnacks and chocolates6.Blue pepsisnacks and chocolates7.Milk treatsnacks and chocolates8.Maha lactosnacks and chocolates9.Honey toffeesnacks and chocolates10.Mango bitesnacks and chocolates11.Cadbury double deckersnacks and chocolates12.Big baboolsnacks and chocolates13.Frooti : Old packagingsnacks and chocolates14.Uncle chipssnacks and chocolates15.Chocolate ballssnacks and chocolates16.Car chocolatesnacks and chocolates17.Center shocksnacks and chocolates18.Time bomb18 - Time Bomb19.Caramilk19 - Caramilk20.Orange candies20 - orange Candies21.Nuttiessnacks and chocolates22.Tit bitssnacks and chocolates23.Lays old flavorssnacks and chocolates24.Coconut candy24 - Coconut Candy25.Chiclets25 - Chiclets