5 Times When Social Media Ended Up Getting It All Wrong..!!

These following were the cases when the classic idiom “much ado about nothing” stood entirely true . What social media ended up doing was cause damage to innocent people who were being accused for no crime of theirs. In fact, they were the real victims in these instances where a trial by social media went brutally wrong. But, that said, we cannot rubbish all the posts on social media as baseless, and there are indeed a few instances where the stir on the internet brings justice to people. Read on about the rare slip ups…

Rohtak Sisters :

Amitabh Bachchan1The internet went hullabaloo about the bravery of the two sisters who beat up the guys in a bus for abusing them. This act of bravery was applauded by one and all, and a lot of criticism was also raised on how people did not react to eve-teasing in broad daylight. But, things turned out to be different from what everyone initially believed to be. It turned out to be a case where the sisters probably abused the guys to get into the limelight. Well, there are two sides to the coin and each has its own version of truth, but yes, social media did play an unpleasant role in the whole thing.

Delhi’s Drunk Cop :

Amitabh Bachchan2A video of a drunk cop and the hashtag #DrunkDelhi was flooding everyone’s Newsfeed as a man in an inebriated state was shown. People went around shamming the police department and the government for an irresponsible act as this. Only to realize a year later that the ‘drunk’ cop who was filmed, actually suffered a stroke in Delhi metro. And this cost the cop his job, and none on the social media know that he suffered a blackout, stroke and paralysis.

Case Of Jasleen Kaur:

Amitabh Bachchan3This case was the straw that breaks the camel’s back. When resorting to social media and crying foul as catching up and every day a new incident came up. A selfie, a video, a post, anything could create an outrage. And Jasleen Kaur did just that. She accused Sarabjit Singh of harassing her verbally at a road crossing in Delhi and posted pictures of the boy online. Twittraties and Facebookers alike poured in their support and empathized with her, only to be proved that they were on the wrong side of justice.

A Mumbaikar’s Masturbation At A Foreigner :

Amitabh Bachchan4A man was arrested for sexually harassing an American woman by masturbating at her in August 2015. The arrest happened soon after the alleged victim tweeted the guy’s picture that went viral. A resident of Colaba, the 25 year old, who achieved social media infamy, stated that he was urinating when the woman looked at him.

Amitabh Bachchan Grilled For National Anthem:

THumbnailThe angry young man of Bollywood was charged with accusations of charging a huge fee to sing the national anthem on the Indian-Pakisthan World T20 game. Everyone took to the social media to lash out the actor and question his patriotism in doing so. However, the Bengal Cricket board, which played host to the match in the Eden Gardens stadium confirmed that the actor didn’t charge fees for singing anthem.

So, exercise caution and be careful about what you post and “share.”

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