Some casual stuff about Prabhas


Prabhas Raju has got all the fame in the country with his latest hit, Bahubali. But some facts about him still remain unknown.

1. Prabhas’s first Bollywood film was Action Jackson. He had a cameo in the film.1prabhas2. Little do people know that, Prabhas Varma is the nephew of Telugu’s Rebel Star Uppalapati Krishnam Raju, well known for his classic acting style.2prabhas3. He was trained by Mr World 2010, Lakshman Reddy for Baahubali.3prabhas4. In his 14-year career, Prabhas has done just 19 films. The actor does about one film a year and is choosy with his script.4prabhas5. Prabhas is a qualified engineer. He never aspired to become an actor and wanted to be a businessman.5prabhas6. Prabhas described himself as “mad and aggressive” before he joined the film industry and said that he has since calmed down.6prabhas7. We don’t know much about Prabhas’s charity work. Why? Because, Prabhas isn’t a type shows off his charity work to gain popularity. However, we found some sources which confirmed that Prabhas donates lakhs of money every year to charity work. One incident is that he went to a blind school in Nalgonda and donated Rs.10 lakh and spent his valuable time with the children. So, that’s how good he is! Not just a reel hero, but a real hero.7prabhas8. In an interview with TV5, Prabhas revealed that his best friends are Gopichand, Allu Arjun, and Rana Daggubati.8prabhasHe has taken away the hearts of many ladies and enys many men out there! Good luck too all your movies and life!