Some Symptoms Of Urinary Track Infection That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Once a urinary tract infection (UTI) has developed, you’ll likely experience all sorts of painful symptoms, including burning during urination, pain in your lower abdomen, and even fever and chills. But if you’re on the lookout for early warning signs of a UTI, then you can take steps to clear up the infection. And hopefully not feel too bad.

Your Urine Is Cloudy

If your pee is usually clear or light yellow, consider it a red flag if it comes out darker or more opaque than usual. Because when it comes to UTIs, cloudy urine can be one of the first signs.

Urinary Track Infection

Strong Urge To Pee All The Time

If all you can think about is how badly you have to pee—especially if you just went and are experiencing other symptoms, such as painful urination—you probably have a UTI. Bacteria can irritate the urethra and the lining of the bladder and make you feel like you desperately need to go constantly.

Urinary Track Infection

Peeing Doesn’t Give You Relief

Frequent urination is another symptom of a urinary tract infection. A UTI can make you feel like you have a full bladder, but only dribbles come out when you go. Frequent trips to the bathroom and little to no relief are telltale signs to look out for.

Urinary Track Infection

Strong Smelling Urine

You don’t have to sniff the bowl every time you go, but a strong, pungent smell is a common UTI symptom. However, some foods may also cause your pee to smell. Coffee and asparagus are two likely culprits. If your urine still smells after going a couple of times, or it’s paired with a cloudy or red color, it’s time to call the doctor.

Urinary Track Infection

A UTI can be incredibly painful and interrupt your daily life, but these infections are easy to treat once you seek the help of a doctor, who will test your urine to ensure you’re dealing with a UTI. And once your symptoms have totally cleared up? Avoid holding in pee for long periods of time—bacteria flourishes when urine stays in the bladder for too long.