Some Telugu Movies That Can Be Turned Into Kick-Ass Web Series

Breaking Bad lanti web series lu chusinappudalla anipistadi, mana daggara kuda aa range storytelling web series lu vasthe bagundu ani. Aa range web series lu raavali ante mana creative & visionary directors like Sukumar & Rajamouli lanti veellu tistene jarugutundi, kani inka ikkada antha trend ledu web series la ki particular ga Telugu lo. I hope one day comes where directors can make there own movies in theaters at the same time they can make their own web series to the OTT platforms too.

Konni films lo chala katha untadi, aa storytelling world lo chala characters vaatiki backstories, meticulous detailing anni untai, kani cinema, I mean theatre ki ane sariki we have to compromise on so many characters, and details, correct ga ikkade web series format correct ga suit avuthundi, almost web series lanti long format lo interesting ga katha cheppedam itself is a big challenge to any filmmaker.

Konni films chusthe abba ivi web series ga tisthe oka different experience untadi raa babu ani anipistadi. Konni films long format lo cheppe antha story untadi, alanti films, alanti stories, ivala ikkada mention chestunnam.

10 Movies That Can Be Turned Into A Kick-Ass Web-Series, Check Out

1. Rangasthalam

Every time I watch Rangasthalam, I want to watch it in seasons after seasons. A story full of capabilities.

2. Prasthanam

Oka poetic depth unna film. Layers untai ee katha lo. I am still waiting for Dev Katta to make Prasthanam again in a web series format in a different way exploring each and every character in the storytelling world of Prasthanam.

3. Dasavatharam

A story that demands a web series format. Fuse lu egiripothai ee story ki, its a world class story, long format lo minimum 5 seasons jaruguthai ee katha ni full ga explore chesthe.

4. Businessman

From Nobody to BE the BHAI of India. The Rise of Surya Bhai. Oka Pablo Escobar, Oka Heisenberg, Oka Surya Bhai.

5. Pushpa

Pushpa ni Sukumar web series format lo ne tiddam anukoni ee story form chesukunnaru anta. After that it became a film. Pushpa kuda oka huge storytelling world. It has all the capabilities of becoming a fantastic world class web series

6. Okkadunnadu

One of the best films out there. Ee film oka unique point and narrative tho untadi, ee film kuda web series format ki perfect ga suit avuddi ani naa feeling.

7. Vikramarkudu

Only Vikram Rathod story tho ee web series undali, from his childhood nunchi start avvali, abba asalu ee idea ne goosebumps istundi endi!!!

Ilane web series format lo suit ayye Telugu films comment cheyyandi, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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