Some underrated Telugu movies


Telugu movies gave us some of the best ones. Kani entante… anni movies ki ivvalsinantha gurtimpu ivvamu manam. Let us look at some underrated movies.

1. Neninthe1underrated-telugu-moviesOka director ki background lekunda film industry lo talent tho and passion tho work cheyyadam and aa work ni maintain cheyyadam entha kashtamo ee movie lo chaaala baaga chupistharu. No matter their film is a hit or a flop, an actor, director or producer continues to make films that they feel are good just to satisfy the passion in them. Hats off to all of them!!

2. Pilla Zamindar2underrated-telugu-moviesMoney kakunda this world lo enni important things untay. Adi ardham kaavalnte we should go through a lot of things. And once we understand that, our life completely changes. Anni manakosame kakunda kuda konni mana vaalla kosam kuda cheyyali. Apudu true happiness osthadi andarki!

3. Prasthanam3underrated-telugu-moviesPolitics is one of the most influential fields in the society. Andulo good people and bad people untaru. Circumstances turn the good to bad and vice versa. Ila nijanga true heart tho work chese person ela change authado and influence meeda show chese person ela maruthado chaala baaga chupistharu. If you have not watched this movie, do it right away!

4. Anukokunda oka roju4underrated-telugu-moviesDrugs is one of the most dangerous games played around. It doesn’t just give up on our consciousness but also makes our life miserable. Ilanti influence lo unte please step back! And also be careful. Such a nice thing showed in a very nice way.

5. Vedamvedam_wirallyPrati Manishi life lo edo oka kashtam untadi. Aa kashtalani edurukovadam important ani chupincharu this movie lo. And dhariyam undali… manatho paatu mana chuttu unna vaallaki kuda kashtam osthe dhairyam ga undali. A very very beautiful film, it is.

6. Amma cheppindi5underrated-telugu-moviesMental and physical imbalances chaala mandi ki untay kani those problems will not effect the heart. They are pure and their purity is seen in every small thing they do. Alanti Oka boy thana life ni kuda compromise chesthadu when time comes.

7. Jagadam6underrated-telugu-moviesOka age lo okkokariki okkokka thing ki passion develop authadi. The movie is about a similar guy who develops passion for having a gang and get into violence while his mother has bigger dreams for him. Alanti violent journey lo he realises that getting into all that he did was easier than getting out of it. A very inspiring movie but a little ahead of the movies at that time.

8. Aa Naluguru7underrated-telugu-moviesCast, creed, religion and money are created by us. What is most important is having a soft heart and true humanity. Naluguru in the name refers to the society. Society is the family outside home. So helping hand unte Kani manaki kashtam unapudu chaala hands raavu.

9. Anasuya8underrated-telugu-moviesPowerful female protagonist and a deadly villain and a nail biting thriller. Inni things una kuda this movie did not get as much rating.

10. Prayanam9underrated-telugu-moviesLove ki timing, place and people tho pani ledu. Just depends on the heart work. Ni soul mate kalisinpudu manaki world lo important thing is to get that soulmate mana life lo. This is one such beautiful love story.

11. Kshanam10underrated-telugu-movies
Thrilling story, and a a nice message. Combination Challa baundi kada. Manam okkollaki maata isthe chaalu. Aa maata elanti paristitlo aina nilabettukovali!!!

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