10 Songs In Telugu That Teaches You Life Lessons


Usually, movies rendu rakalu. Okati entertainment based and rendu message oriented. Mana Tollywood lo e two categories base chesukuni chala movies vachayi and success ayyayi kuda. But there are few songs, which teaches you some serious life lessons in just five minutes, unlike a two and half hours movie. Check them out:

1. Okkadai Ravadam from Aa Naluguru
Life gurinchi and manam ela undali ane vishayanni chala chakkaga cheparu.

2. Rupayi from Vedam
Oka Manishi bagupadataniki aina chedipodaniki aina karanam dabbu. Alanti oka rupayi gurinchi telusukovalante e song lyrics vinalsinde.

3. Pada Pada Pada from Vedam
Success epudu urike raadu, danikosam chala kastapadali. Simple ga e concept ni e song explain chestundi.

4. Enthavaraku from Gamyam
E song gurinchi nenu pratyekamga cheppanavasaram ledanukunda.

5. Oke Oka Jeevitam from Mr Nookayya
Jeevitam value gurinchi just oka 4 minutes chala baga explain chesaru.

6. Mounam gane edagamani from Naa Autograph Sweet Memories
This song is completely about the way one should live.

7. Jeevitamante pooratam from Narasimha
Failures are stepping stones to success. E mata meku ardam kavalante e song vinalsinde.

8. Okate Jananam Okate Maranam – Badrachalam
One of the best inspiring song ever. Meru depression lo unapudu and if you want some positive inspiration listen to it.

9. Chirunavvulatho brathaali from Mee Sreyobhilashi
This is another such inspiring song.

10. Le Le Lele from Gudumba Shankar
This song describes the actual difference between good and bad.


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