15 South Indian Celebrities Whose Real Names We Never Knew


We know that few celebrities change their names once they make it into the glam world. But, will that really matter to us? Some say yes, but if you look at them from the other side, they just come into your life as one character. Now name that character whatever you want, it is going to be the same. What’s in the name?

Just kidding around!! Names are the ones that make us unique and choosing acting has got these actors two names. There could be many reasons to do so. For example, let’s take 2 reasons:

i) When their name is too long or strange, they wish to have a screen name. Ex: Mohan Babu

ii) When their name doesn’t look appealing. Ex: Anushka as Sweety.

Similarly here are some of the unknown but real names of South Indian celebrities. Some of them might even surprise you.

Nayantharareal names

Silk Smithareal names

Snehareal names

Mani Ratnamreal names

Arya real names

Satyaraj real names

Dhanush7 - Dhanush

Suriyareal names

A.R. Rahmanreal names

Meera Jasmine10 - mera Jasmin

Mammootty 11 - Mamooty

Revathi12 - Revathi

Jayasudha13 - jaya Sudha

Rajinikanth14 - Rajinikanth

And to spice this up, we know many of you guys wanted to know if this is true or not. Yes, her name is not Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone

15 - Sunny