Spending His Own Money, KCR’s Chandi Yagam Wins Many Hearts

The Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekar Rao performed the Ayuta Chandi Yagam recently as a thanksgiving to Goddess Chandi for blessing with a separate state. It was a 5 day Yagam from 23rd to 27th December performed at KCR’s farm house in Erravalli village of Medak District.

Ayutha Chandi Yagam is a difficult task and this was only the second time in history it has been performed. It consists of 700 slokas to be recited 10,000 times. Earlier it was performed by the Sringeri Peetham in 2011. It was performed under the supervision of six vedic pundits from the Sringeri Peetham.

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According to the sources, more than 5 lac devotees came to the venue to witness the Maha Yagam, which was supervised by the Chief Minister himself. KCR personally flew down to Amaravathi in order to invite Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The Yagam which was also performed for the well being of the state has turned out to be a successful one. Though there was a minor fire mishap that took place, the Religious guru Swarupananda Swamy and renowned avadhani Madugula Nagaphani Sarma told Chief Minister KCR that the fire mishap was not a obstacle to his will (sankalpam) and vision. The process had almost come to an end when the fire broke down.

These rituals might have their importance and the beliefs attached to it. But, spending his own money for the better being of his state is a gesture that will definitely win the Chief Minister many hearts.

KCR also vowed that if the projects worth Rs. 25,000 crore that he has taken up materialises, he will perform the Prayutha Chandi Yagam. Now, he is one people’s man!

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