Spice Jet to pay 60K to passenger for missing luggage

Spice Jet, one of India’s premier private airways company, has run into legal soup, as they have been asked by the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission to pay compensation of Rs. 60,000 to a passenger for his missing luggage.

The beneficiary is Agartala resident Dr Atanu Ghosh, who lost one of his five luggage items on a Spice Jet flight. Luggage loss in transit in airports is fairly common, as we do not have strong customer protection mechanisms in place, like Western countries like US and UK, where the items are often insured.

However, Dr. Atanu Ghosh persisted and filed a case in the consumer court, and was granted a compensation of Rs. 60,000 from the popular airlines company for the physical loss, as well as the inconvenience caused.

If you ever face any problem in an airport from now on, you know what to do. Just show them this article and let them know what’s in store!


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