SRK To Prabhas: Here Are Top 15 Highest Paid Indian Actors In Present Times

Indian Movie Market and Business improved a lot in terms of production and through world Wide Collections. Yes, the Indian Movie market spread to World countries like China, Japan, USA and UAE after PAN India movies like Dangal, Baahubali, Saaho and others.

Movies of few Indian heroes like SRK, Salman, Aamir, Akshay & Now Prabhas have a good following and craze in India and other World countries. And our heroes are making use of this craze, charisma they have with whopping remunerations.

Heroes like Salman, Akshay and Prabhas are leading the chart with whopping remuneration and they all deserve to be in the list of highest paid indian actors…

Here Are A List Of Top 15 Indian Heroes & Their Remunerations…

15. Tiger Shroff – 35 Crores Per Film

Tiger Shroff

14. Shahid Kapoor – 35 Crores Per Film

Shahid Kapoor

13. Yash – 35 To 40 Crores Per Film


12. Pawan Kalyan – 35 To 40 Crores

Pawan Kalyan

11. Vijay Thalapathy – 35 To 40 Crores Per Film

Vijay Thalapathy

10. Ranveer Singh – 40 Crores Per Film

Ranveer Singh

9. Ranbir Kapoor – 40 Crores Per Film

Ranbir Kapoor

8. Ajay Devgan – 40 to 50 Crores Per Film

Ajay Devgan

7. Rajini kanth – 50 to 70 Crores Per Film

Rajini kanth

6. Shahrukh Khan – 60 Crores & 30% From Movie Profits

Shahrukh Khan

5. Hrithik Roshan – 60 to 70 Crores Per Film

Hrithik Roshan

4. Aamir Khan – 75 to 80 Crores Per Film

Aamir Khan

3. Akshay Kumar – 90 to 100 Crores Per Film

Akshay Kumar

2. Salman Khan – 90 to 100 Crores Per Film

Salman Khan

1. Prabhas – 100-120 Crores Per Film


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