10 Interesting Tidbits From SS Rajamouli & Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Engaging Interview About RRR

SS Rajamouli & Sandeep Reddy Vanga Bahubali tho okaru PAN-India market ni shake adincharu….Arjun Reddy & Kabir Singh la tho Sandeep Indian Cinema lo oka game changer movie tho cult hit kottadu. Ee iddaru directors ippudu Indian Cinema lo the most happening directors ani avillu chestunna movie RRR an Saneep Reddy chestunna Animal cinema rendu PAN-India cinemale. Iddariki directors ki heroes tho equal ga fandom undi…craft meedha villaki unna clarity and command top notch assala.

Mari ee iddaru kalisi oka daggara cheri cienmala gurinchi discuss chesukunte? Ee Idea DVV Danayya dha leka? Rajamouli dha Leka marinkevaridho teliyadu kani…ee iddaru kalisi RRR movie gurinchi and other movies, craft, technicians, sets ila movie related 24 crafts gurinchi discuss china vidhanam and things they addressed is the must watch for every cinema fans here…

1. Like how Hollywood films bring together super heroes, I wanted to bring together our own freedom fighters, that’s how RRR Movie started – SS Rajamouli

2. Except for a minor track of Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt, there is no separate romantic sequence, you will see a bromance between Ram Charan & NTR. It’s all about them – SS Rajamouli

3. Though I understand I am doing revenge movies, I am not particular about making them. May be I would have chosen such stories due to the strong emotional connect – SS Rajamouli

4. RamCharan laati tho kottadam chuste RUTHLESS COP la unnadu. While hitting also, adi oka wave moment lo clear avtu vellindi. 2 months of hard work, great sir adi – Sandeep Reddy Vanga

5. Every film’s interval is a benchmark. Okasari Australia lo maa film school lo various parts of the world nundi unnaru members, symbolisms ani vaala content chupistunaru. nenem chupinchali anukoni, #Chatrapathi lo Tippara meesam, godugu pattadam ah scene chupincha. Daniki mundu em jarigindi ani brief ichanu. Valaki asalu mamulga ekkaledu aa music thoni. – Sandeep Reddy Vanga

6. SS Rajamouli : All of us want to know how is #Animal similar to Arjun Reddy

Sandeep Reddy Vanga : Actually No way sir , but one thing I can say is both are character driven stories

7. We had initially roped in a leading Hollywood stunt master for #RRRMovie, but we were not satisfied. Then we hired Solomon who has done a great job – SS Rajamouli

8. Baahubali had over 600 working days for both parts combined while Chatrapathi and Maryada Ramanna were shot between 120-140 days. While We Shoot 300 Days For RRR. – SS Rajamouli

9. I’ll join the sets of Your next film as an assistant Director at least for 25-30 days, just to observe Your Work on Sets. – Sandeep Reddy Vanga

10. Even i want to come down to your location and look at your work – SS Rajamouli

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