These Stories Break The Moulds : Emerging New Woman Is Just Not The Stereotype


We all grow up listening to stories from grandparents, parents and other close older relatives. These stories play a great role in constituting our outlook and the ways we perceive the world. Apart from teaching values of morality and conduct, more often than not, they perpetuate existing beliefs and social mores.

That’s why a Cindrella story is always about getting married to a prince in the end and living happily ever after. The moral of the story is that a girl needs to find a nice husband in order to be happy. Generally, a woman’s happiness and success is measured against her ability to bear kids, her capacity to tend to in-laws and her efficacy to handle home affairs. Similarly, boys undergo the pressure of becoming the breadwinner for the family.

We have reinforced these stereotypical gendered roles through our stories from the tradition of folklore. These stereotypes are so ingrained that we hardly understand the need to be critical and be questioning the status quo.

Talking of gender equality and women empowerment, it is high time that we subvert these gendered narratives for the better. Below is a glimpse of short, crisp subverted gendered narratives around women which breaks gender stereotypes while pitching for gender neutral society. Take a look!